About our Patients and Students

While the majority of Matheny's patients and students have cerebral palsy as their primary diagnosis, the medical complexities of those we care for have increased over the years.  Matheny patients and students have a long list of associated medical conditions such as vision and hearing deficits, seizure disorders, intellectual disabilities and dysphagia, with resulting aspiration problems.

In addition to providing the best possible medical care and special education, however, we do everything possible to improve our patients' and students' quality of life.  Our music and recreation therapy programs and our very unique Arts Access Program all help make it possible to provide the children and adults we serve with lives that are as normal as possible.  So, despite their disabilities, Matheny patients and students attend concerts and plays, go on camping trips, shop at the mall, sing in a choir and create fine art.

Matheny was founded in 1946 by Walter and Marguerite Matheny as a school for children, like their son, Chuck, who has cerebral palsy.  They saw a world that could not respond to children with special needs.  The Matheny of today is a sophisticated medical and educational facility serving children and adults with complex medical conditions from across New Jersey and the country.  It is a far cry from the original school, but it is not far from the philosophy that the Mathenys wove into the fabric of the organization.  The Mathenys' gift was their compassion for people with special needs.  That compassion is still at the very heart and soul of the care provided today.